Take your cryptocurrency everywhere you go

Flits is the first app with non-custodial wallets and masternode deployment capabilities. Earn or hold your crypto without compromising on security, the way crypto should be.


How does it work?

Start using Flits and take your cryptocurrency everywhere.


Our future proof design makes our wallet not only easy to use, it makes you want to use it.

Fully Secured

Your keys = your coins. Flits will never store your hard earned money on a hackable server.


Save time setting up wallets and masternodes. Just use our app with 2 click setup.

Store, earn, spend

With Flits you can be your own bank: store coins, earn interest and spend them all together!

  • A wide variety of coins available
  • Earn interest with masternodes
  • Spend your crypto

Listed coins on Flits

Check out your favorite ones.

Tested and loved by many others in the whole world

People using Flits are very happy with the ease of use and portability the platform brings them.

  • We have users from more than 120 nationalities
  • No knowledge is required, everyone can start






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What our users says

We can tell you we have a awesome product, but we prefer to let our amazing community convince you

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