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The all in one solutions for earning and spending crypto currencies to enjoy worry free passive income. With this philosophy in mind we build the Flits app. We want to make sure everyone has the possibility to explore crypto in the easiest way possible. Flits, today, has proven itself to be a trustful, secure and safe partner for every crypto enthusiast. The Flits app is the number one decentralized and mobile crypto app that makes is possible to deploy masternodes everywhere you are.


Store and hold your crypto’s safe inside the Flits app and take them with you everywhere you go. Our decentralized app keep your coins safe and gives you the possibility to focus on more important things in life.


Use the Flits app to host your masternodes in the most safest way and take them with you everywhere you go. Flits aims to create the easiest, most convenient and most secure masternode hosting solution out there. With the Flits app you are in control of your masternodes and you are in control of the private keys.

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