App fee structure

To provide the best possible experience for our users we charge a small fee for our services. We have a easy and clear overview of all the fees displayed below.


From less than
0.01 / day
  • Easy, cheap pricing
  • Support
  • Lots of options
  • Completely safe, no hot wallets!
How can we pay for the fees?

We have a internal credits system for the masternode fees. 1 credit pays for 1 day of hosting per node, and a credit is priced from less than 0.01€

Can these prices change?

Flits always holds the right to change pricing, however we will always inform about that in time.

Are there fees for holding coins?

No! - It's completely free to use the Flits app for safely storing your cryptocurrency. Only when you want to use our services we charge the fees.

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