Flits (FLS)

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The power behind the ecosystem

FLS is our own cryptocurrency and powers the ecosystem behind the Flits app. FLS also offers a masternode which can earn you a great ROI of around 100% yearly.

Make your portfolio complete by hosting a FLS masternode or staking some coins. FLS is available to buy inside the app or on various exchanges.


FLS is available for trading on a wide variety of exchanges around the world.

FLS features

FLS has a lot to offer. It's a very solid investment and we we reach many people.


Earn around 100% ROI on a masternode. Lock 1000 FLS in a masternode and start earning.


Keep the blockchain running and stake FLS coins. Flits uses Proof of Stake and no Proof of Work (mining).

Steady value

FLS has a steady price and keeps offering continuous value to our investors.

Strong holders

Our investors are very strong holding on to their FLS, people having trust in a project is very important.

Dedicated team

We have a strong team working every day on one of the most revolutionary projects out there.

Backed by a company

Flits is part of DECENOMY, a Maltese registered company.

Flits whitepaper

Everything about our concept, who we are, and what our ideas are, written in one document. Read our whitepaper to get familiar with our project.


If you don't want to use the Flits app to hold your FLS, you can also install the wallet yourself. You can find our latest release on GitHub